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Rat Control

Serving customers throughout the Greater Manchester area, our company deals with rats on a daily basis for both residential homeowners and commercial businesses.

Mouse Control

Mice, although not quite the serious pest of other rodents like rats, are still a difficult pest to remove. They can fit through the smallest of gaps and need eradicating!

rodent control manchester
rodent pest control

Greater Manchester
Rodent Control

Greater Manchester rodent control for all types of local customers!

Rodent control is probably the most requested pest control service in the country and it is no different in Greater Manchester with the largest portion of our enquiries coming from customers who are having issues with rats and mice!

Rodents like squirrels also can cause havoc in your home, by entering your loft, shed or garage. They can chew through cables, furniture and property fittings, as well as making noises in the night and leaving unsightly droppings.

It’s also vital that you use a professional pest control company to deal with rodents like rats and that operators are fully insured, experienced, and are wearing the appropriate protective clothing.

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